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High Quality Power Chembuster

High Quality Power Chembuster

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The Energy Device is based on Whilhem Reich's discovery of orgone energy. It clears out toxic chemtrails, cleans up air pollution, and harmonizes the environment from distorted energies and radiation. This Chembuster is made from a 2 gallon bucket, Layered in flourite, Stain Spar (selenite), russian shungite and steel topped by a large crystal (size may vary on availability). The bottom of the device has quartz crystals inside every pipe, and 4 double terminated crystals wrapped in copper wire to amplify energetic resonance. Its finished with epoxy resin mixed in 24k Gold for further amplification. All crystals are cleaned in salt and charged under the sun and moon for several days before device creation. * 5ft. Pipes are not included...its cheaper for you to buy them locally, (shipping these large pipes would be very pricey and often creates dents in the pipes during shipping.) 6x 5ft. copper 1 inch diameter pipes you can buy locally at your local hardware store. (if no 5ft. copper pipes are available you can easily cut 3 10ft. pipes with a pipe cutter that you circle around the pipe (videos online). This chembuster has the ability to clear chemtrails and alter the ether within a several mile radius! Little maintenance is required, weighs around 45-50 pounds and is custom packaged for shipping. The matt wrapped around the device is a grounding matt which is essential to ground the energies (not included) if you do not have land to plant the energy device in. If you have a backyard, dig the chembuster into the earth 1/3 in and it will ground the device making it much more powerful. The Device has a lifespan of 7-9 years depending on climate and tunning maintenance (in tuning video below). Do not expose device to temperatures above 110 and below 30 as it can crack at freezing temperatures.

The chembuster will required space where no objects are near by (5-10 feet) and where it can directly connect with the sky above (no hovering trees/concrete on top). Obstructing its connection with the sky will diminish optimal results.

Watch here to see this epic chembuster clearing chemtrails in real time:

Made to Order, will ship out 2-3 weeks after order is placed. All sales are final, no refunds.

Break down of cost: the materials for the device alone are 1k, it requires special packaging costing 50, the cc processing company takes a 50 cut. it takes several days of labor, from wood work, prepping and cutting the pipes, gluing the crystals, cleaning and charging the crystals. the day of creating the device its a 12 hour process, which once started cannot stop (due to the resin). its a tedious process and requires a lot of detailed work. I did my best to provide the best price possible, as I want these spread around the world to remove toxic pollution and heal the skies. Also most devices sold on etsy are cheaply made, smaller versions which carry 1/2 the effect, and don't have the original 6 pipes required for optimal output.

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FAQ: Can you scientifically prove this device to work?

Scientifically proving it being removed in real time would probably include some type of air flight with specific testing tools and techniques i have no funding for nor expertise on at this time. Its based off Wilhelm Reich's orgone discovery, you can read his scientific papers and scientific
results with cancer patients, etc. using this natural technology. Also,
just looking at the sky in real time (in several of my videos) there is
no denying the potent effect of a deep blue healthy sky constantly
surrounded by white chemtrails lines and pollution all around the
outskirts of the perimeter. If you want to learn more about the scientific aspects check out this article

How to Tune your Chembuster