Learn how to reduce your radiation exposure

Scientific Evidence of Non Ionizing Radiation Exposure

Ways to Reduce Radiation Exposure

Radiation Mitigation Checklist

1. Wire Internet (disable wifi on computer, phone, and modem)
2. No microwave oven
3. Laptop bottom protection piece (HARA pads)
4. No Wireless Earbuds (wire them and disable bluetooth)
5. No bluetooth Speakers, wire your speakers
6. Turn off wifi/bluetooth/background app refresh for non vital apps/disable location services, all from settings menu, not short cut screen.
7. Get rid of anything and everything 5G, you do not want these antennas anywhere near you, as they transmit millimeter waves.
8. Reduce exposure to tech by writing your agenda/calendar on paper
9. Wire alarm system, remove antenna alarm system installed in your home.
10. If possible, remove smart meter, some states have opt. Out programs, if you cannot do this, get a smart shield.
11. Remove smart appliances emitting wifi/bluetooth
12. No Wireless watches
13. Remove all smart light bulbs/mercury fluorescent bulbs
14. Get a Landline and reduce your communications thru the cellphone (cell-ph-one)
15. Do not live near a cell phone tower, if you can’t avoid this look into shielding paint and carefully read how to use it.
16. Opt out of airport scanners
17. Avoid X-rays, mri, cat scans, radiation medical devices, like mammogram device, they emit massive amounts of radiation.
18. Put your phone away in a Faraday box when not in use. This blocks all emf transmission.

P.s Apple pectin works great for healing radiation damage :)
It was used after the nuclear bombing on affected individuals.

Wiring internet for optimizing health