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Create a GodTrust

Create a GodTrust

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This file download provides all the instructions and templates necessary to create and customize your own GodTrust. It also includes supporting documents and information on how to manage your trust thereafter. Having a private Trust protects your assets, helps manage your assets effectively, and shares its bounty upon your loved ones when you pass away. This unique Trust is as an Irrevocable living Pure/God Trust. It is in accordance with the Bible which establishes Trust Law. Since it is
in the private and created/managed by men/women living on the land, it
is tax exempt and requires no tax filing so long as the individual to
whom the Trust belongs is a Man/Woman living on the Land and is not a "legal entity" operating under the legal acts and statues of a corporate government. Make sure you have your documents recorded correcting your status before creating your Trust. This Trust can be used in any Country.
(LAW=Land, Air, Water Jurisdictions)

*Having a Trust created for you by an Attorney can range anywhere from $1,500-$2,500, and is subject to State Regulations including taxation. This is a great deal for those who are ready to be self governed, living in the private as men/women on the land. Additional steps included are recording information, declaration of trust, minutes templates, and how to maintain your Trust after its creation.


1. Instead of establishing a Revocable or Irrevocable Trust, i was looking into establishing an Expressed Trust, what are you thoughts on this?
-An expressed trust means your expressing the trust, therefore its not an implied trust (implied onto you by a judge, for example).
2. Do you personally assist people with their trusts?
-I don't personally assist people with making there trust, it comes with a download of all the documents you need along with an instructional guide that lays out the steps in detail. Its meant for the self governed to customize it to their liking.
3. Can you give me a breakdown of what your Irrevocable Trust includes for your $330 fee?
-It includes the trust itself which comes with notes of were to customize it, existence of trust doc, acceptance of trustee doc. property list doc, step by step instructions, recording instructions and how to
maintain the trust after its creation with minutes template doc.
4. Im from New Zealand/another country... Would this Trust work here? What type of assets does it protect? Can we put our children in this trust? Businesses? Currencies? Can we open a bank account with this Trust?

-Yes, this trust can work anywhere is the world, as it is an expressed
irrevocable trust in the private domain.

5. Can the trust can hold and protect assets, including different

-Yes you can open a bank account under your trust to manage the finances in your trust (for example, your home…paying for repairs, renovations, mortgage, etc.) Putting actual people in the trust as assets is not advised, no being is property of another at a soul level.
6. If I move my business into the trust, will my business be tax exempt?
-If you move your business into the trust and your business is in the
public/statutory compliant, it will still be subject to taxation. if you
want to remove taxation all together, you can convert your business into a PMA (private members association) if applicable.
See my youtube interview on PMAS to learn more.

6. Is the Trust Tax Exempt?

-Trusts are not tax exempt. It is the State Citizen (lawful term for a
man/woman living in common law jurisdiction) starting the trust who is
tax exempt and therefore any trust they start is tax exempt.

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