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Sovereign knowledge can be complicated in unraveling, more so with increased censorship. This 6 course video series takes years of research and condenses the material in a comprehensive manner. This 36 minute video series will help acclimatize one to the complex legal structures created. Several in depth reference videos will be provided as well. This series includes Laying the Foundation, Government, UCC, Money System, Becoming Sovereign, and a timeline of historic events.

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Sovereign Knowledge course must be purchased and studied before becoming Sovereign

Becoming Soveṙeign. $1,331

This service is a guide for reclaiming your Sovereignty Lawfully. Gift is transferred per 12 USC 411 as lawful money.

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Untangle yourself from the Corps-oration. This Service includes: 

-UCC-1 Filing (transfers ownership of the STRAWMAN to you) 

-Rescinding of signatures from THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION and all accompanying entities. 

-Sovereign Affidavits and Agreements Legal Documentation.

 -Creation of Copyright Notice and Copyrighting your name.

-One on one guidance with Juli from video series.

-Legal Definitions one must know, pdfs.

*Once Sovereign you will be able to discharge student debts, credit card debts, mortgages, parking tickets, etc. and truly own your land thru an Allodial title process. Resources and information will be available upon request on how to proceed with these more advanced dealings.

*Your participation is required for the execution of this service.

-Please contact me prior, to test your knowledge on Sovereignty before proceeding to this step.

Currently only servicing USA CITIZENS


Sovereign Learning

For more videos on Sovereignty go to my Playlist "Sovereignty" at

Disclaimer of Liability. Nothing on this website is to be construed as either an admission of liability or admission of wrongdoing on the part of the Sovereign sharing and aiding in Lawful conversion.