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Sovereign Knowledge Course

Sovereign Knowledge Course

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Included in the Course are in depth video's covering all major important aspects of law, which one is obliged to become knowledgeable of before embarking on the path of Sovereignty. PDF Book, UCC-1 Template, Copyright Notice Template, Fee Schedule Template, Police encounter Document, References including Sovereigns in Court, Legal Codes to Invoke your unalienable rights...and much more!

Is this Course applicable to Countries outside the USA?
Yes, the structure is similar in all United Nations Countries, with discrepancies in the codes, which can be found in each country.

Can I file my UCC-1 in a country outside of the USA?
Yes, Canada and the United Kingdom both apply the UCC as a part of their system of governance. Check with you country if not in these 3 listed to see if they use the UCC.

All other Document templates (copyright notice, fee schedule) can be used anywhere in the world :)

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