Becoming Sovereign
  • Becoming Sovereign
  • Becoming Sovereign
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This service is for streamlining your joining the lawful government due to its Sovereigns. With this, you change your political status to an American State National versus a U.S. Citizen. Credential I.D card with a valid bar code will be given as well as an option to have your Sovereign car plates (which show up in the cops system lawfully). The States Assembly is active in all 50 states, having there own land recording system Your participation and study are required for becoming Sovereign. (see video for details) With becoming an American State National you wont be subject to foreign statutory laws, you wont worry about "federal agents" breaking down your door, you wont pay "federal income taxes" anymore, you will have little to no reason to visit their courts, you will possess your homes and your land and soil as Freeholders, not tenants. You wont pay any mortgages or property taxes, you will be in control of your own lives again, you will not be subject to any forced vaccinations to you or your children.

Untangle yourself from the Corps-oration. This Service includes: -UCC-1 Filing (transfers ownership of the STRAWMAN to you) -Rescinding of signatures from THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION and all accompanying entities. -Creation of Copyright Notice and Copyrighting your name. -Payment will cover all the costs associated (ucc filing and recording, etc)

No felony charges from the last 7 years (in order to be eligible) Your participation is required for the execution of this service. *Please contact me prior, to test your knowledge on Sovereignty before proceeding to this step.

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